Cyrus A Wilson

Digital Production Technology Consultant
Pasadena, CA



Cyrus’s path to the games industry originated in the field of biology. He performed his Ph.D. research at Stanford University, where he combined molecular manipulations, video microscopy, and computer vision techniques to elucidate how simple processes at the molecular scale could organize to produce coordinated movement at the much larger scale of a whole cell. His interest in quantitative representations of motion in moving images led him into research in computational photography at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, and then in computer graphics at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

Having been exposed to the collaboration of art and technology in the motion picture industry, Cyrus moved to Pretend LLC and then to Rhythm & Hues, where he joined the team behind the Voodoo animation platform, which received a 2013 Scientific and Technical Academy Award. Subsequently Cyrus participated in character rigging and animation software R&D at DreamWorks Animation before transitioning to the games industry.

At Activision Central Tech, Cyrus was part of the CTX team: a diverse group of artists, scientists, and engineers, all united in their drive to create technology that can in turn serve as a powerful instrument for creative expression. As Director, Production Engineering, Cyrus had the privilege of working with artists and engineers on teams across the company, not only to align CTX R&D projects with production needs, but also to nurture communication and collaboration across the Activision Blizzard family.

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